Sunday, 15 July 2007 soon? An explanation of time...

Well, I fully intended to scrawl something here at least four days ago. Alas...time being in short supply around becomes increasingly difficult to do so.
Time, apparently, is relative.
I once heard a rather neat explanation of why time appears to go faster the older we get.
When you [or I, or whoever for that matter. Shhh!] are only one day old, the next day, by means of comparison, is equal to an entire lifetime.
When you [etc...] are two days old, the following two days are equal to a lifetime.
When you are ten days old, one day is only one tenth of a lifetime, and the following ten days will take a "lifetime" to get through.
When you are 1 year old, it will take the equivalent of a lifetime to reach two. etc...
When you are 30 years old, one day is only one eleven-thousandth [give or take a day or 40ish!] of your life.
Therefore, relatively speaking, time speeds up the longer you have been around!
If you think this is unfair...please write to your local politician.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Monday Evening Blues...

Well, a couple more 'days of rest' draw to an end...and what, I ask myself, did I actually achieve?
'Alas, not a lot' I answer myself....
Nevermind, there's always next weekend. Besides, I managed to throw a few bits of paper away, do some online shopping, and generally relax.

1. Relaxing is good

I have to tell myself this otherwise I feel like a lazy bastard....
Maybe tomorrow, inbetween split shifts, I will cram in all the things I was going to do on my two days off.

2. Things that need my proper attention should not be rushed

Hey ho....

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sunday Post Meridian

There is, and always has been, in my opinion, something dreadfully dull and mawkish about Sunday afternoons. Even when I have awoken in a reasonably lively mood and plotted my forthcoming actions, by the time the sun has hopped over the yardarm, whatever good intentions I had have all mysteriously been washed from me.
Today, I fully meant to get up, shave, shave my head (hair was getting out of control - over 1/8" long tut tut...), shower, eat and then do a bit of music writing/recording. I got as far as the shower bit, then it took me 4 cups of tea, codeine (for my ever increasing pains!) and 3 hours before I even managed to force myself to eat.
Having said that, I am now in the studio, with the P.C. turned on (obviously, otherwise writing this could have proved difficult), and I have even managed to go through and sort out a few old songs ready for recording (or in certain cases scrapping).
However, I turn and stare at the view from my window, forget what I was about to do, and....
....I can't be bothered to finish this!

Counting Troubles - A Song as yet to visit the Studio...

Counting Troubles - Yet to be recorded

In the evening, when light is growing dim
I've stopped counting - the troubles that i'm in
There's a glass, on the corner of the shelf
But i'm not worried, i've stopped counting on my health

There's a story...if you read between the lines
Of broken dreams and bitter love and the pain it leaves behind
Fairy tales - never meant too much to me
I must be blind, 'cos it's getting hard to see

In the morning...just as darkness turns to light
For an's clear...that i've done nothing right
And I remember the glass on the corner of the shelf
It's long been empty...and i'm uneasy with myself

As I sit world falls all around my ears
Should I be smiling - or crying - a flood of shameful tears
What mistakes i've made...and errors yet to come
They far outweigh the happy times, and good that I have done

In the evening, when light is growing dim
I've stopped counting...the troubles that i'm in
There's broken glass on the floor below the shelf
A pool of tears...and i'm uneasy with myself

An old one from another archive - Nov 2006

Plastic Bags/Carrier Bags and the rest....!

It seems that...under the age of 30 it is easy to open a carrier bag, bin liner, freezer bag or the like (the sort of bag that requires you to rub it between your fingers to open it...!) and ALSO...under the age of 30 (this is of course an approximation) especially as a child...watching parents, grandparents cannot understand how these "older" people find it so difficult to carry out this seemingly simple procedure!! It always amazed me that I, my sister, friends etc...could all manage to do the aforementioned with little or no difficulty, and with a lot less experience in "bag opening" than our elders!

HOWEVER...*stop press*...Over the last two years-ish I have noticed that I am falling into this "older" category more and more...
Just ten minutes ago...I was in the kitchen with a black bin liner nearly in tears..."Yep" I thought..."That's it!" I exclaimed, rubbing the bag frantically...

Right then...out with the Pipe, Slippers and Flat Cap!!! (Well....I haven't got the slippers yet but i'm sure they're in the post!!!)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Good Grief....the state of it all....

So then...police patrolling the streets of my quiet fishing village...
Well, ok, it's maybe not that quiet, as it is tourist season and St Ives is quite a popular tourist destination, but there is usually no trouble.
When there has been trouble after 4pm [when the St Ives police station closes], the police [in the past at least] have had to travel more than 10 miles from either Penzance or Camborne. This means that a fight could break out, a shop could be turned over, or someone could have abused whoever...before the police even thought about entering the outskirts of the main town.

There are police on the "beat", something which is usually only seen on New Years Eve etc....
There are police driving up and down the main street....
There is more than often a constable within shouting distance.
Oh...and they all have notepads and pass the pubs regularly.

This has only been the case since the 1st of this month.
That says only one thing to me....
It is important that people do not smoke in public houses/do not drop their cigarette ends on the pavement etc....
Murders, rapes, abuse of any kind, robbery and all other serious crimes are far less important than catching someone "sparking up"????????
Whoever decided that this was sooo important should pull their head [and the one or two brain cells that it contains] OUT of their arsehole....and realise that some things are, and have always been, more important than passive smoking!!

Saturday, 30 June 2007


What is it with this bread thing, this salt thing, this hydrogenation thing, this no smoking thing [see earlier blog entry], this....
Oh it tires me! No...really it does. I get depressed walking around Tescos. I get upset eating "white" bread. No offence Messrs Hovis, Warburton etc....but I feel that I am old enough to choose whether I wish to eat wholemeal [etc...] or strong white flour. Sometimes I love a bit of brown, wholemeal, granary, malted and [god forbid] even the occasional slice of lightly toasted multigrain [however, please note - not good if you wear falsies - teeth that is, not breasts, which I don't....either that is!] The thing is, I feel I am more than capable of making the decision to buy this bread when I feel like doing so. When I wish to buy white bread, made with [wait for it] strong white flour....bugger me, I can't!! All [or at least most] of the well known brands now put a 50/50% blend of white and wholegrain flour into their white. The only way I can avoid this is to buy cheap "own brand" supermarket bread! I realised the other day that they have even sneaked it into [my once favourite] Hovis "Cobbles"...There I was [picture the scene] sitting [thanks] munching away on my white roll, when lo and behold, I had to remove a rather large husk from my [ewww] teeth.
NOW, the thing is, I have no objection to finding whole bits of grain in my bread when they are supposed to be there. I expect it.
BUT when you want that nice smooth white soft roll/cob/bap [depending on your regional preference] you just don't expect anything but!
It's like if someone pours you [as my dad once did] a glass of blackcurrant juice in a wine glass...
It looked like wine. I was expecting wine.
By christ it tasted like shit. I like blackcurrant juice [or at least I used to!] but if you are expecting something and you get something else it just doesn't work!!!
How long, I wonder, before the supermarkets follow suit and climb upon the bandwagon? Will I really have to bake all my own bread to get what I want to eat? Give me a break, it's the last thing I want to do after I have been cooking for other people all day at work!
Same goes for all this "low salt" etc stuff...I don't disagree with the sentiment, and if people are on a diet for health reasons then they should be able to buy low salt alternatives, but it should not be forced upon us!
Thankyou and goodnight!
Andy x