Sunday, 15 July 2007 soon? An explanation of time...

Well, I fully intended to scrawl something here at least four days ago. Alas...time being in short supply around becomes increasingly difficult to do so.
Time, apparently, is relative.
I once heard a rather neat explanation of why time appears to go faster the older we get.
When you [or I, or whoever for that matter. Shhh!] are only one day old, the next day, by means of comparison, is equal to an entire lifetime.
When you [etc...] are two days old, the following two days are equal to a lifetime.
When you are ten days old, one day is only one tenth of a lifetime, and the following ten days will take a "lifetime" to get through.
When you are 1 year old, it will take the equivalent of a lifetime to reach two. etc...
When you are 30 years old, one day is only one eleven-thousandth [give or take a day or 40ish!] of your life.
Therefore, relatively speaking, time speeds up the longer you have been around!
If you think this is unfair...please write to your local politician.


Indeterminacy said...

I've thought of this in another direction. I'm terrified of the day I will have spent half my life in Germany. Came here in 1987, 24 years old. I think I have a few more years until that point is reached. I'm afraid to work out exactly when that will be.

Papillon said...

I think the speedy (or painfully slow) passage of time is also relative to one's enjoyment of it. Which is to say, time really does fly when you're having fun!

Case in point: I was having sunset drinks on Friday night. I blinked. Now it's Monday morning.

Happy Week!

Robert Swipe said...

I'm not sure that Vince Cable can *tell* the time, let alone ponder it's philosophical aspects...

Still, vote Liberal, get Tory - I've only meself to blame really.