Sunday, 8 July 2007

An old one from another archive - Nov 2006

Plastic Bags/Carrier Bags and the rest....!

It seems that...under the age of 30 it is easy to open a carrier bag, bin liner, freezer bag or the like (the sort of bag that requires you to rub it between your fingers to open it...!) and ALSO...under the age of 30 (this is of course an approximation) especially as a child...watching parents, grandparents cannot understand how these "older" people find it so difficult to carry out this seemingly simple procedure!! It always amazed me that I, my sister, friends etc...could all manage to do the aforementioned with little or no difficulty, and with a lot less experience in "bag opening" than our elders!

HOWEVER...*stop press*...Over the last two years-ish I have noticed that I am falling into this "older" category more and more...
Just ten minutes ago...I was in the kitchen with a black bin liner nearly in tears..."Yep" I thought..."That's it!" I exclaimed, rubbing the bag frantically...

Right then...out with the Pipe, Slippers and Flat Cap!!! (Well....I haven't got the slippers yet but i'm sure they're in the post!!!)

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