Sunday, 8 July 2007

Counting Troubles - A Song as yet to visit the Studio...

Counting Troubles - Yet to be recorded

In the evening, when light is growing dim
I've stopped counting - the troubles that i'm in
There's a glass, on the corner of the shelf
But i'm not worried, i've stopped counting on my health

There's a story...if you read between the lines
Of broken dreams and bitter love and the pain it leaves behind
Fairy tales - never meant too much to me
I must be blind, 'cos it's getting hard to see

In the morning...just as darkness turns to light
For an's clear...that i've done nothing right
And I remember the glass on the corner of the shelf
It's long been empty...and i'm uneasy with myself

As I sit world falls all around my ears
Should I be smiling - or crying - a flood of shameful tears
What mistakes i've made...and errors yet to come
They far outweigh the happy times, and good that I have done

In the evening, when light is growing dim
I've stopped counting...the troubles that i'm in
There's broken glass on the floor below the shelf
A pool of tears...and i'm uneasy with myself


Papillon said...

Hey Andy the Aubergine,

Those are brilliant lyrics!

I've just finihed reading your earlier posts and enjoyed them a lot. The in-your-face anti-smoking situation is very much the same here in Vancouver.

I also started blogging in June, and aside from working on my own posts, I'm making a point of looking for and encouraging other newbies. It's good karma and it's fun!

Hope your Monday evening blues take a hike soon.


DeLi said...

lovely words indeed...i feel teh poetry

dotbar said...
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dotbar said...

I wish you would record this one....I very much love it.