Saturday, 30 June 2007


What is it with this bread thing, this salt thing, this hydrogenation thing, this no smoking thing [see earlier blog entry], this....
Oh it tires me! No...really it does. I get depressed walking around Tescos. I get upset eating "white" bread. No offence Messrs Hovis, Warburton etc....but I feel that I am old enough to choose whether I wish to eat wholemeal [etc...] or strong white flour. Sometimes I love a bit of brown, wholemeal, granary, malted and [god forbid] even the occasional slice of lightly toasted multigrain [however, please note - not good if you wear falsies - teeth that is, not breasts, which I don't....either that is!] The thing is, I feel I am more than capable of making the decision to buy this bread when I feel like doing so. When I wish to buy white bread, made with [wait for it] strong white flour....bugger me, I can't!! All [or at least most] of the well known brands now put a 50/50% blend of white and wholegrain flour into their white. The only way I can avoid this is to buy cheap "own brand" supermarket bread! I realised the other day that they have even sneaked it into [my once favourite] Hovis "Cobbles"...There I was [picture the scene] sitting [thanks] munching away on my white roll, when lo and behold, I had to remove a rather large husk from my [ewww] teeth.
NOW, the thing is, I have no objection to finding whole bits of grain in my bread when they are supposed to be there. I expect it.
BUT when you want that nice smooth white soft roll/cob/bap [depending on your regional preference] you just don't expect anything but!
It's like if someone pours you [as my dad once did] a glass of blackcurrant juice in a wine glass...
It looked like wine. I was expecting wine.
By christ it tasted like shit. I like blackcurrant juice [or at least I used to!] but if you are expecting something and you get something else it just doesn't work!!!
How long, I wonder, before the supermarkets follow suit and climb upon the bandwagon? Will I really have to bake all my own bread to get what I want to eat? Give me a break, it's the last thing I want to do after I have been cooking for other people all day at work!
Same goes for all this "low salt" etc stuff...I don't disagree with the sentiment, and if people are on a diet for health reasons then they should be able to buy low salt alternatives, but it should not be forced upon us!
Thankyou and goodnight!
Andy x

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